The accreditation of your integration with general practice record systems requires the completion of a Supplier Conformance Assessment List (SCAL).

The list of questions covers many topics including architecture, clinical risk management and information governance. More than half the questions relate to the integration and we have already answered these on your behalf and we know that they have passed. So, half the job is already done.

The remaining questions relate specifically to your application and the management of the clinical data read from the GP record systems and sent back from your application to the patient’s record. Although your application has unique design, features and benefits, the principles that apply in the SCAL and accreditation process are the same for all applications. We have experience in working with partners on applications with highly complex architectures and information flows and associated clinical risks and their mitigation. We build into our pricing structure for xyClient a number of days of consultancy to help you complete the SCAL aiming for speed to submission and minimising delays in the assessment process. Additional days of consultancy can be provided at our standard charge-out rates.

We have a contractual and clinical responsibility to ensure that the demographic data from NHS Spine used by any of our partners is used in a way that meets NHS England’s requirements.

We have therefore distilled down the long accreditation process into a few simple headings and a short questionnaire that we have agreed with NHS England. The headings are:

  1. Information governance
  2. Information management in your application
  3. End user notifications for errors and data changes/anomalies.

We build into our pricing structure time to help you complete this simplified approval process aiming for speed and always compliance and minimising clinical risk. If additional days of consultancy are required these can be provided at our standard charge-out rates.


”The future success of our business in the UK depends on integration with clinical record systems. The team at Xycare provided critical support during the accreditation process and reduced the cost, resources and anxiety associated with clinical record system integration. They were also central to the management of an IG objection raised by NHS England at the final stage of the approval process.”

Thariea Whisker, Director of Wound Services UK at


Our business is clinically led, and clinical utility and clinical safety are part of our core values. The clinical consultancy services that we offer fall under the following headings:

  1. Practice record systems: data, coding, configuration, use.
  2. Clinical coding: the use of SNOMED CT for the coding of clinical data written to and read from the GP record systems.
  3. Clinical safety: having thirty years of experience in clinical risk management in the UK, Europe and the USA, we are able to support with your clinical risk management system, the clinical risk management plan, the hazard log and the clinical safety case report. In other words, compliance with DCB1029.

If you want to take advantage of these service, please let us know. We will work with you to understand where you are and what your requirements are. If we are unable to support you, we will say so. If we can, we will give you a statement of works with a quote and delivery schedule.