One development.
Zero headache.

Three into One

The xycare xyClient integrates with the transactional IM1 interfaces for SystmOne and Cegedim (coming soon) and the EMIS partner interface for EMIS Web and EMIS Community.

xycare’s partners integrate with a single endpoint which is based on FHIR. Which GP record system the end user of your application has running on their desktop makes no difference to you as a partner.

Benefits to our partners


Access the NHS market in a fraction of the time it would take to do it yourself.


We’ve perfected GP system integration, so you don’t need to invest in specialist development skills.


Just one integration required for access to EMIS, SystmOne and Vision/Cegidim (coming soon)


Our secure FHIRbased environment allows data to flow accurately and safely out and back to the GP record, giving clinicians complete visibility of patient care.

Relationships and know-how

We know NHSE, EMIS, TPP and Cegidim very well; we understand the record systems as well as anybody.

Four steps to success


With instant access to the sandpit environment, we take care of documentation, testing and specialist development.


We’ll guide you through the supplier conformance process so there’s no guesswork. The SCAL (Supplier Conformance Assessment List) is the key document. We have already completed the majority of the work and will work with you to complete the rest that applies to your application.


The xyClient server-side components and xyPortal are already deployed, reducing cost and your time to market. You can be confident that guides to configuration and user training and the downloads are 100% ready for your customers.

Business as Usual

We’ll stay by your side through ongoing estate maintenance, incident reporting, customer support and account management.

Personal Demographics

One development.
Zero headache.

Current, verified patient demographic information is essential in the delivery of healthcare. The ultimate source of this information is the NHS Personal Demographics Service (PDS).

Having been a user of third party PDS solutions and having worked directly with NHS Digital, now NHS England, xycare had clear objectives in developing a new service:

  1. Reducing time to market
  2. Optimising clinical safety
  3. Reducing costs to our partners and ultimately to their NHS customers.

Why work with xycare for your PDS integration:

• Set up in our development environment in 15 minutes.

• Simple development which can be completed in a week or two.

• Documented and simplified on-boarding process agreed with NHS England. xycare provides the accreditation using a process agreed with NHS England. Core to success is the appropriate management of demographic information in your application.

• Ongoing access to the development environment to allow you to test use cases very quickly in your application such as the patient has re-registered, moved, or the patient has died. No tickets; no delays.

• Launch ready without you needing to deploy your own infrastructure, saving both time and money.

• Hosted in HSCN with 99.99 availability.

• xycare manages all changes made to the underlying NHS PDS service.

Customer Management

A powerful web application, built on the xycare authentication service and integrated with the NHS ODS service.


The authentication service is O-AUTH2 compliant, integrated with the NHS Care Identity Service (CIS), supporting Smartcard single sign-on and user self-service account creation. Role mapping tables can be managed at an application level, allowing you to allocate, for example, a clinician role in your application when the user logs in with their Smartcard and selects a clinical role associated with RBAC R8000 or any number of equivalent RBACs.

Customer Portal

In designing xyPortal we have optimised and simplified to enable you to directly manage your customers and your customers to directly manage their users.

You have won a new customer; to set them up, there are three simple steps:

1. Create customer:

  • Search in the Portal; If the customer is not already in our database it will search ODS and import the data for you.
  • Select the organisation.
  • Assign one or more of your products.
  • Select Smartcard options as required by your customer.

2. Register users:

  • Self-sign-up based on the fact that the user has a Smartcard with an appropriate role in an organisation with the ODS code matching your customer. This is the preferred option with self-approved (e-mail confirmation) or admin approved options.
  • Admin user created. Your customers’ admins can log-in and manually add users. If they have any problems, you are able to log into your account and impersonate your customers’ admins: fully audited.

3. Manage Users:

  • Disable users, change passwords, check logs, set logging levels for debugging add and remove applications and roles can all be managed by your users’ admins.
  • Your customer admin users have a single log-in however many applications from different partners are in use with xyClient.
  • You are able to support when needed using your impersonation rights.