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Authentication Service:

Essential when using any integration service. You may choose to allow a single sign-on to your application. This is particularly useful if your application is always accessed in context with the GP record system: the user only needs to authenticate once.

Smartcard single sign-on:

Greatly facilitating user access to your application from their desktop. This allows the end user to create an account and sign in with their standard NHS Smartcard to access EMIS or SystmOne, our authentication service, the xyClient, and, if configured, your application as well. A legitimate relationship between the care professional and the patient is inferred as the user is able to access the patient’s record in EMIS or SystmOne.

Audit Service

That audits all calls your application triggers to the underlying clinical record system. A must have for accreditation but also required by your customers’ IG leads.

Access to the NHS Digital Patient Demographics Service (PDS).

This allows your application to access the patient’s data, including their NHS number, name, address, and date of birth. This is particularly useful if your application is used by care professionals with patients who are not registered with the GP record system

Implementation and third line customer support to an agreed SLA.

We can provide a full implementation service to your customers, including the installation of the xyClient and the configuration of your application to use it. We can also provide third line support to your customers and their end users.

Very late in the process, NHS England (NHS Digital as was) raised an Information Governance and a Clinical Safety objection to our SCAL. Xycare were instrumental in forming and presenting the responses to these two objections so that they were both rapidly resolved and the RTCN (Recommendation to Connect) was signed off allowing us to go live with SystmOne.

Thariea Whisker Director of Wound Services U.K., Healthy.io

Additional services we offer our partners

Accreditation Support:

To be integrated with any of the GP record systems, your app will have to go through a process of accreditation with NHS England (Digital) and the GP record system suppliers you select. You will have to submit a Supplier Conformance Assessment List (SCAL) or equivalent which will incorporate the xyClient as your integration technology. A witness test will be required.

The Xycare team has very considerable experience in writing SCALs and shepherding them through the approval process. We share an interest with our partners in making this process as fast and as painless as possible. Your NHS customers may also be able to facilitate progress and again we can help in optimising customer leverage.

Clinical coding support:

Most integrations use coded clinical data as well as free text and attachments. Our technology supports the reading of coded clinical data and the updating of all three. The xyClient uses SNOMED CT UK extensions for coded data. We can advise on which codes best represent the clinical concepts you are trying to write back to the integrated clinical record systems and whether these codes can actually be written back (because they have been mapped by the clinical system vendors to READ2 (EMIS) or CTV3 (SystmOne)).

Hosting services:

Your application can normally be hosted in the public internet but if your customer requires you to or you chose to host your app within HSCN (the NHS’s private network) we are able to do this for you in our Microsoft Azure tenancy within HSCN.